Lidocaine And Adrenaline B.P Injection

Lidocaine and Adrenaline B.P Injection – lidocaine epinephrine dental cartridge Lidocaine with Adrenaline Dental Cartridges, 1.8ml Cartridge
Lidocaine and Adrenaline B.P Injection
Lidocaine and Adrenaline B.P Injection

Lidocaine and Adrenaline B.P Injection

2% lidocaine with 1:80,000 epinephrine injection solution

Features & Benefits:

• Lignocaine is the Gold Standard in dental anaesthesia

• Terminal sterilization of product/cartridges for safe use

• Produced and packed in highly controlled sterile environment

• Highest quality standards

• Trusted blindly by world renowned dentist

• Cartridges packed 10 in a blister tray to avoid glass to glass contact, hence reducing breakage

• 100% latex-free

For oral surgery requiring prolonged duration of anaesthesia and haemostasis.


Lidodent Lidocaine and Adrenaline B.P Injection, 50 X 1.8 Ml
Brand Lidodent
Manufacturer GJ Pharmaceuticals LLP
Composition Lidocaine and Adrenaline
Also Gives Third Party Manufacturing
Form Injection
Product Description

Discover the power of dental anesthetics in dentistry. Learn how these specialized medications, such as lidocaine and articaine, effectively numb the mouth during procedures, providing temporary pain relief. Explore the safe administration by dental professionals using sterile techniques and precise dental cartridges. Experience comfortable dental care with the help of dental anesthetics.
Lidocaine, also known as lignocaine, is a medication used to numb tissue in a specific area. It is also used to treat ventricular tachycardia and to perform nerve blocks. Lidocaine mixed with a small amount of adrenaline is available to allow larger doses for numbing, to decrease bleeding, and to make the numbing effect last longer.

GJ Pharmaceuticals LLP
We meet the highest quality standards by being a quality focused company. We assure easy availability of our medicines with value for money to satisfy the needs of the customers. With proper compositions, our medicines are made as per the medical industry quality guidelines. Thus, the medicines we manufacture are very effective in curing the diseases. The shelf life of our product is higher, if stored as per the instructions. With the aim to serve clients in best possible manner, we have gained a good recognition among the players of the industry.


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